Many of the primary beneficiaries will be children who come from challenging circumstances, be it low-income families, families who are new to the country, or students who are struggling in traditional education, who normally wouldn’t be able to afford such activity programmes. Children and young people will benefit from a range of booster classes, on-line learning tools, art, music and sports sessions which will help them build self-confidence, self-esteem, higher aspirations, leadership skills and team spirit. The proposed impact and benefits are as follows: 
1) enhanced children’s academic achievement. 
2) increased interest and ability in reading 
3) developed new skills and interests 
4) improved school attendance, increased engagement in school 
5) more and better quality homework and more time on task 
6) higher aspirations for the future 
7) increased parental involvement and awareness

Active Minds project is aiming to provide children and young people from BAME, refugee and socio-economically disadvantaged groups, an effective, challenging, stimulating and fun activity program during school holidays offering a valuable respite for families and an opportunity to learn, to try new activities, to build friendships and to relax. The project will bring a wide range of benefits to children, youth, families and communities such as boosting academic performance, reducing risky behaviours, promoting physical health, emotional and social development and providing a safe, structured environment for children and young people. 
The activities will include revision classes, book club, art and music classes, performing arts and dance classes, outdoor sports activities such as cycling, football, basketball, athletics, indoor sports activities such as table-tennis and soft play and visiting Museums. 
The parents we consulted stated that they could not afford to register their children to expensive holiday programmes however still knew the positive effect of holiday activities involving both academic and enjoyable sessions on the children’s attainment, self-confidence and progress. This activity will also keep the children safely away from the streets on holiday when parents have less control over the children’s daily activities outside of the home.