The Axis Educational Trust has been working in education and running supplementary schools under the name of "Axis Tuition Centres" across the UK since 1994. We believe that given the right support, every child can achieve academic success and we are committed to providing that support in our tuition centres, our educational programmes, and our work with the teachers and educationalists who are shaping our future.

Tuition Centres

We have tuition centres across the UK providing high-level tuition in literacy, numeracy, science and critical thinking. Our branches offer after-school lessons on Saturdays and week day evenings designed to help children with the National Curriculum topics. Our courses are aimed to meet the needs facing children today, focusing on basic skills, building on each pupil’s strengths and improving in areas where they are struggling.

At our tuition centres, our staff use the Suffolk Reading Scale and Progress in Maths to gauge each child’s skills in literacy and numeracy when they begin our course. This gives our teachers information on what type of learner each child is and makes it possible to gear their teaching towards each child’s abilities. From our experience in education, we know that it is useful for teachers, pupils, and parents to have recognisable targets: we, therefore, use the information from these tests to set demanding but achievable targets to work towards each term. We monitor these targets through mid-term and end-of-term tests, as well as weekly report cards, to demonstrate tangible improvements to pupils and parents and give teachers information about which areas of learning need further improvement.

All our courses are taught by enthusiastic and professional teachers with experience in improving literacy, numeracy and science standards. If you think your child could benefit from our support, please visit www.tuitioncentres.org to find your nearest branch.