Our Birmingham Tuition centre is opening in January 2022. It specialises in implementing personalised tuition that is adapted to the individual to increase their confidence and prospects. We offer a variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs from our Birmingham Tuition centre. The most popular courses in Birmingham Tuition centre are GCSE English, GCSE Maths, and GCSE Science exam preparation. We also teach English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning lessons to prepare our students for 11 plus exams. Our students aim to get admission to grammar schools in Birmingham. In Birmingham Tuition centre we also teach English and Maths for SATs preparation and KS3. We cover those aged 6 – 16 who live in the locality of our Birmingham Tuition centre.

➠ Birmingham Tuition centre is open on Saturdays 10 am till 1 pm and 17:00-19:00 on some weekdays (please ask current timetable at the time of enrolment)

➠ Quality Tuition requires carefully selected teachers and good resources. In our Birmingham Tuition centre in Quinton, we only work with experienced, and DBS checked teachers. Some of our teachers are qualified teachers teaching in nearby schools some of them are successful University graduates who follow our unique programme.

➠ We teach in small-sized groups in Birmingham with an average of 6 students in groups.

➠ Every student registered in our Birmingham Tuition centre receives an Axis bag, books, and workbooks as well as an online Learning tool. Hardworking students are rewarded regularly. The teachers set weekly homework and help with school homework as well. Our teacher in the Birmingham Tuition centre sends weekly reports home and a more detailed report end of term.

➠ Every half term is for 6 weeks. We organise booster courses during Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays in Birmingham Tuition centre.

➠ New students in Birmingham Tuition centre can take a free trial lesson on their first day. KS1-KS3 students have 3 hours of English and Maths weekly which is £12 per hour. Year 4 and 5 students can join 11 plus exam preparation courses for 3 hours per week at a cost of £15 per hour. And GCSE classes is £15 per hour in Birmingham Tuition centre.

➠ Our courses are valuable supplementary education to support school subjects and achieve wonderful grades in exams. All the GCSE students who attended Birmingham Tuition centre got 5 and above in their GCSE exams. %100 of our students improved their school attainment.

➠ Birmingham Tuition centre is at Quinborn Community Centre, B32 2TW. You can reach us on 0207607 9330 or birmingham@tuitioncentres.org. Online courses are also available from £8 per hour.

➠ For more information visit our tuition website at www.tuitioncentres.org

➠ Register for in Centre Tuition: https://www.tuitioncentres.org/product-category/in-centre/

➠ Register for online Tuition: https://www.tuitioncentres.org/product-category/online-course/

➠We may offer free or discounted places if your child is receiving free school meals or if you have refugee status or going through other financial difficulties.