Project Aims

The project aims to encourage the target group to be more active in terms of doing regular sports and be cycle-trained to be able to ride a bicycle in confidence and safety as part of their daily lives. Furthermore, this will help encourage and enable safe social distancing on public transport to reduce COVID-19 spread. Our team will provide free training and resources to beneficiary groups joining the programme in the locality. Young people will benefit from supervised cycling and safety training and will continue to cycle independently in their daily commute, for exercise, transport and leisure. Our sessions will create a safe opportunity for these groups to become more active.

Who can apply

The project is open to all applicants aged between 14 – 19 who live nearby our rented venue, North London Grammar School in Hendon. Limited free slots are available.

Project details

The project will start in March 2021. Sessions will be on Saturdays at 1 pm for 30 weeks. The project will consist of the following important points:
- Two hours’ safe cycling training (theory and practice) in each session.
- Providing a stock of bicycles for participants to learn to ride without having to buy a bike.
- Storing bikes in our venue will not occupy space in participants’ housing.
- Providing maintenance workshops will alleviate costs of upkeep, as participants will learn to undertake simple tasks themselves.
- Providing cycle training to participants to build confidence, gain an understanding of cycle safety and awareness of road users.
-Project will include information sessions to raise awareness of how cycling is important economically, culturally and environmentally.
- Affordable bicycle hire option for the community members on available days other than the project dates.
-We are aiming to achieve a Bikeability Level 1 certificate for beginners and a Bikeability level 2 certification for the participant with intermediate ability. We will repeat this for two rounds of 15 weeks. We have done our detailed risk assessment. The participants will be organised into age-related bubble groups of a maximum of 15. We will check the participant temperature at arrival and ask them to use hand sanitisers. Hand sanitisers will be used before each session. We will also sanitise the bikes. You can also join the programme by riding your own bicycle and bringing your own helmet. We will follow the government and NYA guidance at the time of delivery.