Project aim

We are aiming to provide an effective, challenging, stimulating and fun activity program during school holidays offering a valuable respite for families and an opportunity to learn, try new activities, build friendships, relax, and most importantly have fun for children and young people which will bring a wide range of benefits to children, youth, families and communities such as boosting academic performance, reducing risky behaviours, promoting physical health, emotional and social development and providing a safe, structured environment for children and young people.

Project Details

We are going to organise an enrichment activity programme encouraging the children and young people to engage in play by offering a range of materials and ideas to inspire and challenge them. We will provide challenging, exciting, and fun sessions including art, outdoor sports activities such as football, basketball, athletics and cycling in the Multi-use game area and indoor sports activities such as table-tennis, dance and acting. We will also serve sandwiches, healthy snacks, and refreshments during lunch break. 

We will also organise an assembly on ‘Healthy Eating and Keeping Well’ and a reward assembly to celebrate the achievements during the programme. We will also hand out a leaflet to the parents to give information and advice on ‘How to support their children’s health and well-being. 

More details

The sessions will take place in North London Grammar School in Colindale, Barnet between 10 am-2 pm daily between 12-15 April, 2021 during the Easter School holiday. Further dates will be announced for Summer holidays. First Session:10am-11:00am / Break:11:00am- 11:15am / Second Session: 11:15am-12:15pm / Lunch Break: 12:15pm-1:00 pm / Third Session: 1:00pm – 2:00pm. 

We have done our detailed risk assessment. The participants will be organised into age-related bubble groups of a maximum of 15. We will check the participant temperature at arrival and ask them to use hand sanitisers. Hand sanitisers will be used before each session. We will also sanitise the bikes, balls, and other equipment after each session. We will follow the government and NYA guidance at the time of delivery.

Who can apply: If you are a Barnet, Brent or Harrow resident and having hardship to provide holiday activities for your children aged 8-16 years old you can benefit from our project FREE of CHARGE. (For example: Your child is receiving Free School Meals at school)