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Break the Barriers ‘ project aims to inspire and support 32 unemployed or economically inactive Enfield residents to get in to employment or training to work within 12 months’ period or increase their chances to start, grow and sustain their own businesses. 

We will analyse the barriers of individuals for employment and offer practical and sustainable solutions to break their barriers through training them for ESOL, employability skills, including communications and soft skills as well as specific skills such as IT and entrepreneurial skills.


We will support four groups of 8 from March 2020 until February 2021 over 12 months period. Our programme will consist of 40 two-hour long learning sessions, 5 one to one counselling sessions including personal support during volunteering, work placement or project period and Work Placement. The participants will be encouraged to build their own portfolio throughout the programme. We aim to engage participants into employment or training after 12 months programme. The learning sessions will focus on the following areas:

1) English for Speakers of other Languages: We will assess the participants level of spoken and written English and teach them in two groups of Elementary/Pre-Intermediate(A2), Intermediate(B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2). The context, resources and methods will be adjusted to focus on work related vocabulary and scenarios such as listening task about a job interview or reading task for a day at workplace. Each participant will receive 60 hours of ESOL lessons over 15 weeks, 4 hours a week. This course will be delivered by our CELTA/TEFL trained experienced teachers.

2) Employability Skills: Every employer seeks these Interpersonal skills including communication skills, presentation, negotiation, persuasion and influencing skills as well as writing a cover letter and CV, applying for a job, using LinkedIn effectively and interview skills. This section will be delivered by

guest instructors who are either tutors, employers or employees who have gone through the same steps and achieved well at work. Theory and practice will be balanced. This part of the course will take 5 weeks and 4 hours a week.

One to one counselling will focus on personal development, emotional intelligence, time management, creative thinking, resilience, self-motivation and preparation for the job trial or paid job. During the forth-nightly sessions we will be able to assess their progress in job search and work experience as well.

The programme will provide a welcoming, friendly and safe space where people can meet others and receive continuous support, advice, referrals and signposting when needed. Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided between the sessions. The structure, staff and environment will make it as attractive as possible for the participants to make sure that they will be motivated and dedicated from beginning to the end of the project. AND IT IS COMPLETELY FREE.