Fundraiser Apprenticeship Programme

Axis Educational Trust teamed up with the UK College of Business to offer Fundraiser Apprenticeship to either skill up the current staff or recruit new apprentices to build capacity for increased fundraising needs of your organisation.

New Challenges

Each organisation has experienced a unique set of challenges in 2020, and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution that can be applied to you and your supporters.42% of non-profit organisations had experienced a decline in fundraising income during COVID-19 and that over half of them anticipated that the pandemic’s impact would last at least a year. Many of us are still waiting for things to go back to normal, but what was perceived as “normal” is no longer the same. Our habits, our needs, and our expectations have changed – and so has that of charitable supporters. We have adopted the new normal by digitalising our services, finding new ways of connecting to our beneficiaries and supporters with partial success. The question is 'are we focusing on the areas of fundraising which require attention, adaptation, or innovation in order for our organisations to thrive in the year ahead?'

Fundraising Plan

Do you have a yearly fundraising plan? Who is fundraising for you? Are you relying on external agents? Do you have enough fundraising income? What is the ROI? Are you diversifying your charity income with Donations? Gift Aid? Crowd funding? Match funding? Grants?

Building Capacity

Fundraiser Level 3 Apprenticeship was introduced in July 2020 as a result of increasing demand in job markets and importance of fundraising income for the sustainability of non-profit-organisations more than ever before. Axis Educational Trust teamed up with the UK College of Business to offer Fundraiser Apprenticeship to either skill up the current staff or recruit new apprentices to build capacity for increased fundraising needs of our organisations.

Right Investment

Our research shows that creating a dedicated team for planning, application, implementation, monitoring and reporting stages of fundraising activities such as grant applications or digital fundraising, results in a good return on investment. If you can not afford to recruit someone with experience, the best alternative is to create an apprenticeship position to offer a volunteer, employee or young person who can learn the necessary knowledge and skills while producing valuable work for your organisation. We have tried this and recommending you to do the same to guarantee a sustainable income for your organisation in next 10 years.

How we’re working


A fundraiser apprentice will contribute to the implementation and execution of the fundraising strategy, projects and plans. They will be responsible for delivering day-to-day fundraising activities that provide the essential income and engagement with supporters for the delivery of the charitable purpose of the organisation. They will also carry out research for opportunities and analyse and provide data to support any proposals for developing fundraising activities.

The course will teach the apprentice how to:

Identify, build and maintain relationships to raise financial and non-financial support of the charitable cause Develop proposals in the development and execution of fundraising plans
Recommend and autonomously carry out fundraising activities to achieve targets
Undertake market research and analysis of fundraising activity to improve performance and support innovation Use a variety of different mediums to acquire new supporters and/or retain existing ones

Produce high quality written and verbal communication material to engage internal and external stakeholders to maximise any opportunities, situations and issues that will impact on the charitable work
Undertake, data analysis and research of existing and prospective supporters in order to understand behaviour and motivation

Carry out the accurate update and maintenance of IT and records systems to ensure data is compliant and appropriately used to inform fundraising activities
Provide a high quality first point of contact with donors to identify and address complaints or problems


Low cost of recruitment with min £4.5 per hour pay
Get paid £1.5-3K incentive for creating an apprenticeship position for new employee Flexibility of online delivery of the courseCourse Structure will include 2 hours per week lessons, 3 hours self study, project and surgery hour per week to maximise practical impact on your organisation

Experienced teachers from third sector background
End point assessment fees will be waived. Optional support with grant applications