Project Aim

Helping young people and adults to overcome their barriers for employment such as literacy, numeracy skills or missing required qualifications. 

Project Details

One of the biggest barriers for employment among young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds is lacking qualifications such as GCSE English and Maths. Many migrants and refugees who held qualifications from their home countries also struggle to get into their desired jobs due to lack of Language skills and proof of equivalency in GCSE English and Maths. For example, with our help and guidance, an overseas trained teacher can get Qualified Teacher Status to work in schools in the UK. Research has shown that many young people and adults may have become disengaged from and have negative attitudes towards learning English and Maths in particular, often through negative prior experiences, peer pressure or lack of support. 

Our project is aiming to support all unemployed for this reason to achieve the best outcome they can. We will provide training for 30 unemployed. We will group them with specific needs, and they will either study English targeting minimum level 2 and Functional Skills or GCSE English and Maths in their respective groups. The training will be 6 hours a week over 36 weeks. We will offer a blended teaching in our North Finchley Study Centre and online. The lessons will be delivered by our qualified teachers. 

In addition, we will offer mentoring programme, and interventions to avoid low attendance, drop-offs, and low attainment. We will guide them to take the exams as external candidates in an exam centre that we will have agreement with. The project will cover the cost of tuition, resources, and exams as well. The project will end with 2 weeks employability skills workshops such as CV writing and applying for jobs. For those who achieved their targets we will help with accessing to the jobs or further education. The project is funded by ESFA.

Who can apply?

If you think you need help for training to improve your chances to get into employment and If you can say ‘YES’ to the following question you can benefit from this project.

1) I am resident in London, I can provide an address proof 

2) I have a work permit in the UK (As a citizen, dependent, refugee or other ways)

3) I am economically inactive; I am not working or in full-time education and I can prove this (e.g: letter from Universal Credit)

4) My level of English is A2 or above

5) I am willing to apply for jobs or further education