Supplementary Education for Disadvantaged Children and Young People

Axis management team have many years’ experience in delivering quality yet affordable programmes to the local community. Many have completed training programs with the NRCSE, programs like the Effective Management Skills for Supplementary Schools and the Effective Teaching in Supplementary Schools. Many have also undertaken fundraising training as well as safeguarding and first aid courses and have been recognised by the NRCSE, among others, for their achievements. 

Our teachers and consultants tend to be professionally qualified, with many working in the state sector. They are subject to an interview process and a review of the qualifications and DBS. As a result, they are familiar with the latest government guidelines and educational objectives and are expected to teach according to the national curriculum. 

By donating for our Supplementary Education project, you can sponsor a child from a disadvantaged background, who is probably struggling at school to overcome academic, behaviour and mental health problems with professional tutoring and mentoring support.

Axis Educational Trust has been a pioneer of quality provision of supplementary education to primary and secondary school pupils since its establishment in 1994 as a registered nondenominational charity. We offer high level, personalised tuition services from vetted teachers to empower young people to reach their fullest potential. We have been providing high quality, coordinated, affordable supplementary education pupils from ages 6-18, mostly from disadvantaged groups.  
We are equalling the playing field – in what is one of the most unequal areas of England, especially for children from situations of disadvantage. Many just need a little boost to reach their full potential, especially if their parents are incapable (because they are English learners themselves, lack cultural understanding, attained low academic levels, have their own well-being or mental health concerns, etc.). John Lyons Charity hails this “supplementary school model”, especially for children from diverse backgrounds, as cost-effective and efficient. “Supplementary schools are based within the communities that they serve so they can respond to specific needs and issues within those communities. They can provide targeted educational support from a shared cultural and/or linguistic perspective and provide children from minority communities with dedicated and hard-working role models from their own cultural backgrounds.”