Project aim

Providing young women access to mental health and wellbeing support.

Project Details

The Good for Girls programme will support young women to access relevant, holistic early intervention mental health support in trusted community spaces. This includes support and guidance from trained youth professionals, and opportunities to develop relationships, skills, and tools to maintain positive mental health. Young women get support earlier, meaning fewer require referral to specialist services. The programme will support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young women aged 10-14. Over the course of the programme, the young women will take part in weekly activities of sports and/or arts in their youth organisation. This will promote positive mental health and challenge stigma; they will discuss emotional wellbeing and issues they care about. Finally, they will develop leadership skills to promote wellbeing in their communities through a social action project. 

Activities (March-September)

Positive weekly activities funded in sports and Arts at our Centre in Hendon. Regular talking circles for girls and young women to talk about mental health and wellbeing which will take place online from the Zoom platform.

What information is needed on the enrolment form

▸ Name and Surname of the student and the parent

▸ Age (10-14)

▸ Email address

▸ Home address

Benefits of this Project

✓ Young women don’t feel judged when talking about Mental Health

✓ Increased confidence in girls and women

✓ Young women feel they have a choice and voice

✓ Developing young peoples’ social and emotional skills

Who can apply for this project

✓ Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young women aged 10-14

✓ Located in London