Axis Educational Trust Internship Programme


Welcome to the Axis Educational Trust Internship Programme!

Are you a motivated and passionate individual aged 18-20, looking to make a meaningful impact in the field of education? Whether you’ve just completed your A-Levels or are currently studying at university, our internship programme offers you a unique opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey in teaching and mentoring.

Programme Aim

Our goal is to train young talents to deliver engaging online classes in English, maths, science, and coding to primary and secondary school children. We believe in nurturing the potential of future educators and providing them with the necessary skills and support to excel in their teaching careers.

Benefits of the Internship

Induction and Ongoing Support: We will get your DBS certificate, offer you an induction (including safeguarding and curriculum training), and provide you with teaching materials.

Progressive Pay: We value your commitment and dedication. As an intern, you will start at £8 per hour for the first 12 weeks, with pay increasing to £9 per hour for weeks 13-24, £10 per hour for weeks 25-48, and potential earnings of £12-£15 per hour in your second year.

Career Pathway: If you’re interested in pursuing a career in teaching or becoming a centre manager in our tuition centres, we’ll provide you with educational and career support.

Flexible Hours: You can easily balance your studies or other commitments since our internship offers evening shifts (5-7 pm or 6-8 pm).

In-centre Opportunities

For those living or studying near our tuition centres, there may be opportunities for in-centre positions. Please enquire during the application process.

Join us

If you’re enthusiastic and can spare at least 2 evenings a week, we invite you to join our internship programme. Your journey towards becoming an inspiring educator starts here.

Axis Educational Trust Internship Programme

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