Free End of Year Tests

Subjects: English and Maths


Test your knowledge and skills in English and Maths with our comprehensive end-of-year tests designed specifically for students from Year 3 to Year 9. These tests are a great way to assess your understanding and gauge your progress in the subjects you’ve studied throughout the year. Whether you want to review your knowledge, identify areas for improvement, or simply challenge yourself, our tests provide an effective way to evaluate your learning.


Key Features:
Comprehensive Test Coverage: Our tests cover a wide range of topics in English and Maths, ensuring that you can assess your proficiency across various concepts and skills.
Convenient Online Platform: Taking the test is easy and accessible. Simply register using the provided link and gain access to our user-friendly online test platform. This platform allows you to complete the test at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.
Flexible Testing Period: The testing period spans from 12th to 22nd July 2023, providing you with ample time to choose a time slot that suits your schedule. Take the test when you’re most comfortable and ready to showcase your knowledge.
Instant Results: As soon as you complete the test, you’ll receive instant results. No waiting is required! Our automated system will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your performance, including a score, correct and incorrect answers, and a topic analysis.
Marking Scheme and Topic Analysis: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial for improvement. With our detailed marking scheme and topic analysis, you can identify specific areas where you excelled or need further practice. This valuable feedback will help you focus your efforts on future studies.
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